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As refreshing as nature in Ireland – Sir Irisch Moos is more than a fragrance, it is a world of fragrance. Sir Irisch Moos captures the deep green of the hills, the natural spectacle of the sun, wind and clouds. The clean air of the island and the invigorating effect of moss and lush grass are reflected in the whole care range.
This means the classic is more current than ever: with increasing stress, more environmental pollution and overcrowded cities more and more people are longing for nature. Its originality is a rare luxury – it can still be found with Sir Irisch Moos. The powerful, fresh fragrance of Sir Irisch Moos with its masculine, spicy and invigorating chords has remained unchanged for decades.
The top note exudes a pleasant, citrus freshness and naturalness, spicy, aromatic notes give the heart note intensity. The charismatic fragrance is rounded off with striking wood compositions which emphasise the raw, masculine character of the fragrance. Natural, masculine and spicy – Sir Irisch Moos brings a piece of Ireland into your everyday.

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